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03:03pm 03/12/2004
mood: ha ha bitch

this is my last entry under this username.. and i will be changing it .. but i will not be telling anyone..Some people decided to take it upon themselves to try and ruin things for me.. They tried but did not suceed. They are not worth my time nor my energy. And i will not be harassed but some girl .. who can't get her story straight. I never bothered her.. and I was never involved in the whole situation to begin with . And yet i am the target of immature actions. I never deserved this.. and i will not put up with it.. so seriously..   you know who you are can go fuck off. Because in the end me being the mature one will pay off. And dont worry what comes around goes around.. I loved this journal alot.. but It is time to move on .. So thanks for reading.. but its time for me to move on..(if i like you i will leave a comment on your journal when my new one is made)


this journal is officially closed


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07:04pm 14/11/2004

::Access Denied::


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05:51pm 09/11/2004
mood: amused

                                                                             Friends cut..

Seems that drama follows me where ever i go .. so no offense im dropping most of you not because i dont like you .. but because im tired of the drama and justin's past played out through me .. I will not stoop to the levels of these people who think that just because i dont spend hundreds of dollars on a shirt.. and that because I wear certain things or do certain things that it means i am trying to become a person. If i was i would have done it a while ago .. So if you are not on this list i'm sorry i just refuse to deal with it anymore and I will not deal with it anymore. I am tired of the bullshit .. so my way of dealing with it is seperating myself from it .. so if you can't see anymore your cut.. deal ..


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